August 19, 2022

Fine Dining at Zest

Look Out the Busy Road from Zest Patio.

Food will still a food no matter how it looks, shape, types or smell. The objective of food is to keep us alive. Some says that “You are what you eat”. Means if you eat noodles you are a Chinese and if you eat Tandoori you are an Indian, am I right? I think it is more about your degree of healthiness. So what about fine dining? With cash in hand you almost can eat anywhere you want. Save time and energy for cooking. For fine dining it is more than just the eat at the restaurant. You want the service, the presentation and surroundings. Some hotel willing to spend million just to give extra boost to the surroundings for fine dining. One of them is Zest Renaissance Melaka Hotel.

Zest Design Features:

The Overall design of the concept is contemporary and is uniquely design into zones each providing unique culinary and seating characteristics. Coffee and soft lounge, kitchen and dining room,indoor and out. The bar, a gathering place, stools and high top tables. The hub of the room is the culinary activity , cladded with richwoods, golden alabaster and recessed illuminating shelving. Lighting highlights focal points and features as well as bringing culinary elements life. The patio has wood decking, large cream canvas outdoor umbrellas.

Upper Section of Zest

-divided in several areas to explore
-Chinese, Western,Indian andMalay
-Local and International favorites, in new dynamic way
-wide selection of cold food: starters,salads and plenty of fresh seafood
-desserts – not only wide selection of fresh fruits, but with assorted homemade cheesecakes, ice cream and more.

-tea selection
-cocktails, fresh fruits juice
-fresh fruits with the extra zest
-many varieties of flavored sparking waters
-the main non-alcoholic selection still offers a cold beer or wine by the glass

For more info about Zest please contact Ms Tee Mei Fong at 606-284 8888.

Let See what’s cookin!


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