February 20, 2020

Hot Air Balloon Ride at Dataran Pahlawan

Hot Air Balloon at Dataran Pahlawan

Hot Air Balloon ride is something new here. Maybe we never have a change to see hot air balloon fly over our roof if we don’t find it. We know that the kind of big balloon exist mainly on television. People in Melaka, now you can feel it yourself at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka!. Just located at the Dataran Pahlawan Field. But as to make it fly are impossible with the terrain and uncertain weather. So the ride just go up as tall as the Menara Taming Sari(Melaka Gyro Tower).

My opinion? The ride are more trill because it just you and the wind, no frame, mirror or wall and the basket is just as tall as your hip. The flight details below:

Place :Dataran Pahlawan
Adult : RM 25
Child : RM 15
Operating Times
7 days a week, 365 days a year
Sunrise Tours : 8am – 10am
Sunset and Night Tours : 6pm -10pm
Flight Time
Standard flight time is 10 minutes.
Wedding Package / Birthday Package
(flight time & arrangement per request)
Exclusive VIP Package
(longer flight time, food & drinks,personal guide & photography provided)
8 person per balloon

But not everyday is a good day for flying. There will be certain day in bad weather where flights will be canceled. For more info about the Melaka Balloon Company, visit here.

Crew helping passenger to the basket…

Firing up the gas above your head…

And look like a big lantern..

Up..up and away…

Read instruction first!


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