Taman Sari Spa @ Jonker Street

Taman Sari Spa 'Laman'

This is one of the Malay traditional Spa I know that are using non chemical product, only herbs and spices in Malay daily life and cooking. One and only Malay concept traditional spa at Jonker Street Area.

“The Authentic Malay Legacy in Wellness & Beauty” is their motto.

Introducing the Pupur Spa from the treasure of authentic traditional Malay therapy. A special blend of local Herbs from the secret recipe of ancient Malay herbalist. A new experience with aromatherapy pure essential oils blended with therapeutic virgin coconut oil.

For centuries the Malays, being well aware of the significance of wellness and beauty, have its attainment. These techniques and methods were authentically and uniquely Malay, particularly in the use of herbs, spices and floral in their powder from and of fermented coconut milk as carrier oil. The discovery of this authentic Malays legacy of wellness and beauty was the result of scientific research and studies based on the foundations of acknowledged traditional medicine and therapy.

Today local herbs spices and floral are widely used in the field of treatment, beauty and wellness, while the effectiveness of fermented coconut milk has been scientifically proven when this raw material was rediscovered as virgin coconut oil. This is the uniqueness of the Malay ways of therapy that is being promoted at Taman Sari Spa.

How to go there? Just go to Jonker Street the famous street for tourist in Melaka. Taman Sari Spa is actually the Old Atlas Ice building. The easiest route from town is using Ong Kim Wee Street and then turn left to Tun Tan Cheng Lock Street and before meet Jalan Kubu turn right and you are all the way at Jonker Street. So for the detail price package please browse here.

Taman Sari Spa,
No. 18 Medan Warisan Melaka, Jonker Street, 75450
Tel : 062846239
Fax : 062846242

Taman Sari Spa Soothing Interior

Taman Sari Spa Malay Style Jacuzzi

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