August 9, 2020

Come ‘Kaburi Yu..!’ at Jasin Hot Springs

Kolam Air Panas Bemban.

Although Malaysia have no present active volcanic activities like Japan or in the History, Malaysia also have Onsen or Hot Spring. Melaka have 3 Hot Spring and among favorite are Jasin Hot Spring. Other two are Gadek and Cerana Putih at Alor Gajah district. In Japan Onsen maybe are like part of their life but here the hot spring more on healing purpose only. Jasin is one of the 3 Melaka District. While many of the tourism spot is in Melaka Town, Jasin are more on Agriculture and Recreation / Eco Tourism.

This hot springs at Jasin is also known as Taman Rekreasi Air Panas Jasin was built on the historic site of Natural Hot Springs Pool which was first opened on May 1884. Located in the tranquil village of Bemban, your journey will be filled by calm scenery of Traditional Village, Vegetabes Farm and Rubber Estates. As it is in the suburb area, there is no Traffic Jam. This hot springs pool is very popular to visitors because of the healing power of the water. The content of mineral inside the Hot Springs Pool had been authorized by a government recognized private laboratory, referring to a recent analysis done under the Laboratory reference number ‘Lab. No.: 08 UK10.027.’ on 28th Oct 2008. The mineral contents at Jasin Hot Springs are:

Magnesium – 0.022
Phosphorus – 0.53
Silica – 87.7
Sulfate – 11
Boron – 0.4
Calcium – 2.11
Chlorine – 0.15
Fluoride – 10.05

See it has Fluoride that content in toothpaste. Maybe if we can brush our teeth with the water it will be more effective. Apart from the thermal bathing pool and the phase by phase Onsen pool, it also have normal pool for kiddy with very shallow water for your child because the hot spring are to hot for Children. Other Facilities there are gift shop, small restaurant and a bath / changing room.

Air Panas Jasin,
Jasin Hot Srpings.
Tel : O6-5210369

Operation Hour:
Tuesday to Sunday (Monday Close) to 12a.m midnight

Ticket Price: Adult RM5 / RM6 (public holiday)
Children RM RM2 / RM3 (public holiday)

How to go there? From Ayer Keroh Exit headed straight until first four Junction Traffic light. Go left to Jasin / Gapam. You will past the Seri Negeri State Administrative Buildings and headed straight until you found a traffic light (Bemban). Turn Left and the Hot Springs is just 2 Kilometer away.

Pool for the Kids

Since 1884….

Pool for Ashi-Yu

Pool for Awase Yu & Jikan Yu..

The Water Goes Here before the park was build…


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5 thoughts on “Come ‘Kaburi Yu..!’ at Jasin Hot Springs

  1. sounds interesting. is there public transport to go there? i’m going melaka for a short trip and thought of seeing something different on top of the heritage trail. thanks.

  2. Yes there is, at Melaka central, find a BUS company S.K.A. The Route will be Bemban-Kesang-Jasin. Ticket around RM1.50 to RM2.00. Or just ask a taxi to the place…For taxi, nego the price first before riding it.

  3. bos hot spring jasin hanya angan2 mat jenin.kolam air terjun macam desing kolam ikan keli.cominication dgan pelanggan juga boleh dianggap kurang baik.dah la pekerja sikit,.itu yang telah saya sendiri alami sewaktu berkujung di jasin hot spring bersama keluarga.diharap pihak yang telah memberi tender kepada jasin hot spring mengambil alih semula atau ditukar kepada yang lain.

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