August 12, 2022

International Tap Dance at Holiday Inn Melaka

It’s not originally from here and the dance are from Europe. Indian dancers also we can see using heel to tapping it’s movement. Local culture is maybe the cause of no traditional dance here that tapping heel tip. Local folklore said that if you tapping the heel excessively you’ll get a very ‘hard’ digestive problem. Want to know more about this kind of dance movement? Book your ticket in the end of this December at Holiday Inn for Crazy with feet show.

Crazy feet is the largest and most famous tap dance formation in Switzerland with International Acclaim. Having appeared in over 50 television shows on German, Austrian and Swiss Television. The specialty of choreographer and soloist Angelo Borer is the usual choice of music to which he has choreograph different tap dance productions. So you think tapping with feet can’t do modern music? You’ve got to buy the tickets because they can do ABBA, Samba, Rossini, Tchaikovsky, Vanessa Mai, Carmen and the newest production the world famous Sirtaki ‘Zorbas dance’ . Wow I also don’t know what I’m writing.

So want to learn first about this Crazy Feet company so you can be a little bit knowledgeable when coming to Holiday Inn this 31st December 7p.m, browse here.


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