September 30, 2020

Bridges of Malacca River

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Bridges and River are historic. Rivers are god architecture and Bridges are human needs to go on with life. We need the rivers for living and also the bridge too. Rivers are prehistoric but the bridge sit as a memoir of the historic past. Along the Malacca River there are few bridge that you can see clearly when sitting on the River Cruise. Although not as old and as big as many great bridge in the world like Brooklyn Bridge New York or Ponte Fabricio in Rome, it also hold some stories along Malacca historic river bank. Although Malacca river route through the city is short, it has 6 bridge across it to make ease for the road traffic as the river cut through main development area. The bridges are:

1)Cathay Bridge
This pedestrian bridge used to be a link for passenger from old bus terminal to the other side of the river (Old Cathay).The old bus terminal stood Eye on Melaka and Pirate Park.

2)Jalan Hang Tuah Bridge
After Cathay Bridge we will meet Jalan Hang Tuah Bridge near the new develop Hotel (Old Plaza Inn). Use to links Jalan Munshi Abdullah with Jalan Hang Tuah.

3)Old Market Bridge
For pedestrian use. Links Kampung Hulu with the old Market (Now Demolished and transferred to Melaka Sentral). Can used to go to Jalan Kee Ann.

4)Ghost Bridge of Melaka
A pedestrian bridge linking Kampung Pantai with Kampung Jawa.

5)Chan Koon Cheng Bridge
A bridge that connect the Old and New section of the China Town. Traffic used and can go to Kampung Jawa or Banda Hilir. Across it from Kampung Pantai will see Discovery Cafe.

6)Tan Kim Seng Bridge
A Strategic bridge that links the two side of the Melaka River. The Old residential & commercial zone and the St. Paul Civic Zone. Can go to Jonker Street and Old OCBC Building.


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