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Taxi please!!! and the yellow vehicle will stop to fetch you. But this time it is a boat. Now we have new experience along the river to the straits of Malacca. Malacca Water Taxi. Well Although the name is Taxi, it is actually not function as a normal taxi for example you want to go from Melaka River Marina to the Melaka Sentral or other places in Malaysia. The service from Melaka water taxi are from the main complex at the Estuary (Marina Complex). To go the the Marina Complex just head to the Eye on Malaysia because it is on the same road.

The water taxi will island hope you around Malacca coastal area. From Upeh Island to Great Island (Pulau Besar). The details about this Island Hoping water taxi are below:

Starting Place : Marina Complex Melaka
Price for 1 boat charters : RM500 for one trip
Max passenger : 12pax
Voyage time : 10am, 2pm and 5pm.
Goodies provided for all passenger.
For Reservation Please Call : 062814322/23 or Fax :062814325

Actually the real taxi service are in trial basis from Melaka Sentral (The Bus Station) to the Melaka River Cruise dock at Taman Rempah to the Melaka Estuary. By next year, tourist will have another option of alternative public transport to the Banda Hilir Area. Water taxi is actually have been operated in many part of the world. Visit here to see the South Beach Express, South Florida Water Taxi.

— asmaliana

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