November 29, 2021

Melaka Old House

One of the Authentic Melaka House at Masjid Tanah.

Wooden house are like a nostalgic Icon here, now people don’t want to build a wooden architecture anymore as their present or future house. My last experience in old traditional house is when I was small, I used to live in my granpa house. An old traditional houses are suited with Malaysia climate. When a hot sunny day, design of the house make it conformable for you as it will be cooler inside. There are house with Nipah roof. Nipah is a palm like tree that grow along the mangrove swamp. Nipah roof provide more windy climate inside and can absorbed noise from the rain better. When it’s raining, you’ll feel like an air-cond available. Furthermore, Malay traditional houses built high above the ground with the height of an adult. So wind will come from top and above.

Melaka Malay houses are among the unique type in the country. This is because it have many foreign influence like Chinese, India, and British. Melaka Malay houses have more bricks than other Malay houses in the country. The architecture of the Malay House is uniquely carved at each of the wall of the central house and the Verandah. Verandah is a Portuguese word and till now Malay still say it as Verandah. Most of complete Melaka Traditional House will have a carved tiling roof top. The method of joining the main wooden structure is still using the dovetail technique with no nail. Where cut and carving work done by utensil and not a machine. The long vertical windows design with louvers is one of the uniqueness to the Melaka House. Not to mention the tiles, the original Melaka Malay house have big staircase with tiles imported from China.

As younger generation not keen to live at their old ancestral houses, many of this house are abandon or live by old folks, last generation who wanted to live in the house. As the house main structure is made by wood, it will be easily exposed to mother nature and will collapse someday. That is why younger generation like to built new house from brick and cement. Some of the very old and authentic Melaka Malay House abandon by the owner have been taken care by Melaka State Government under Perzim (Melaka Museum Corporation).

Melaka House have beautiful carved verandah and window with colored glass..


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