August 18, 2022

Your Child Funny Faces

Baby Rayn…

After 6 month old and above, babies / children will start to make funny things and look funny also. This is the best period to invest more quality time with them especially the for working parents. It will be a lost if we miss this time when they are in a process to grown up. Usually working parents will have to put their babies at the care center, paid a maid or leave them with their grandma. So time we had with them are precious and stop bringing home the office..Here are some tips for playing with babies that I dig from the net.

Playing Tips for Babies:

* The Hand Game involves putting a small toy in one hand, putting both hands behind one’s back and asking the baby to point to the hand that has the toy.
* Roll the ball involves rolling the ball to a child that is sitting opposite from you on the floor and having the child roll it back to you.
* Where’s the babyis a game where you can’t find the baby. One pretends to look everywhere for the baby while calling her name. By turning around and suddenly pointing and saying the baby’s name, the child will want you to play this one, over and over again.
* Find the animal, involves placing stuffed animals throughout the house and walking with the baby to try to find the different animals hidden.
* Dancing with the baby, involves putting music on and pretending to dance with the baby, twirling them around occasionally.
* Singing to the baby, involves songs that children love. By singing it to them you will get their attention.

Read more: “Babysitting Tips: How to Play With Toddlers and Infants |” –

This are some of my baby funny faces..Sure you all have it too!

The Happy Rayn…


Ryan Playing with his sista….


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