July 7, 2022

Melaka International Motorsport Circuit (MIMC)

Melaka Chief Minister in Go Kart
Melaka Chief Minister taking a spin at MIMC during the launching recently..

New Infrastructure now is open to public and it is the good news for all Malaccans motorsport enthusiast. Located just after the Toll Exit opposite the INB Resort (Durian Tunggal). This circuit is now the largest International Circuit for Go-Kart in the country. The data shows at present it is also the largest of its kind (go-kart) in South East Asia. with 35ha site, 1.7km long and 10wide racetracks.

The 2 tier grandstands can accommodate 800 seating at one time. IT has complete office, booth for ticketing. operation room,service and inspection are, and pit-stops for each racing team. It said that the build are not only for go-kart but can be utilize for car races and motorcycle. So Drifters and illegal motor racers in southern region must be happy to try this new track.

MIMC Track

Will update more about this track infos. More pic here.


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6 thoughts on “Melaka International Motorsport Circuit (MIMC)

  1. nk tanye,skrg mimc da di ambil alih oleh kerajaan so x da ke jawatan kosong yang dibuka untuk anak2 melaka?

  2. Do u have any contact no. for MIMC? I would like to know about the track fee?

  3. Salam..sy bekas pengurus litar mimc..mempunyai pengalaman yg luas tentang perlumbaan . Skrg sg menetap di negeri sendiri (pahang) skiranya ada yg brminat untuk membuat penganjuran perlumbaan dlm sukan permotoran di negeri pahang boleh trus brhubung dgn sy..013 31 300 93 ..011 1995 1997

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