Melaka Sultanate Ship will be bring back to life…

Artist impression about the ship, source melakahariini.

Now Melaka have Flor De la Mar Ship Replica at Dataran Sungai Melaka. Soon it will be accompanied by another replica from 15th century – the ‘King Ship’ (Kapal Raja Melaka). Just few meters away from Flor De La Mar and at the riverside. Now this area is called ‘Dataran Sungai Melaka’. It said that the ship architecture would be like in Mansur Shah Sultanate era that rule Melaka 600 years ago.

Chief Minister of Melaka said that it will take about 18 month before the project is completed. The ship height is 46meter with 3 deck and 120 x 26 sq meter wide. When completed, it can accommodate about 150 people in one time. Not just a replica, it also will house Center of Malaysian Woods Promotion – collection of woods that can be found in Malaysian Jungle. There will also an in ship cafeteria.

Like Flor De La Mar, it will not set sail, just lying in front of the upcoming Casa Del Rio and waiting to served about estimated 360,000 tourist a year. State government hope to strengthen local Maritime Architecture with this built. Just wait for this latest attraction at Melaka!

Just at the Riverside….

— asmaliana

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