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Famous fashion city in the world are dominated by these famous five : New York, Rome, Paris, Milan and London. For generation, everyone from other countries dream to go to this place as many exclusive brand comes from this famous five . Fashion will be all time favorite industry as the world evolve since the pre-historic . Human crave for beauty will make new fashion to be obsolete in any time…. and fashion will be the manifesto of humanity…putting an idea into the human skin and making them more Vogue as in the fashion term.

Because of the nature of this Industry that can make world eying on you, some country have already develop their fashion industry and set to be at par with the famous five. Now Sydney and Dubai are coming on strong according to an annual survey of top fashion cities. For Melaka, better start now if the journey will take another decade to be Paris. With that vision, Melaka have build its own integrated Fashion City to cater state and national market for fabrics and fashion. Expected to be starting operation this March, the Fashion City @ MITC will be a new landmark at MITC Ayer Keroh.

The project of 173 commercial lots at 4.16 hectare land with cost about RM52 million started the construction at August 2007. Completed December last year, 6 month earlier than the plan date. At present all of the lots are sold out including the 69 bumiputera lots. Melaka planning to be nation top fashion player that offer variety of fashion and fabrics. The fashion city will be just near to the newly opened Mydin Hyper. At the back of the fashion city also will be build factory outlet store that will sell products mainly fabrics in a 7.68 hectare land.

Famous Malaysian Batik manufacturer Noor Arfa will also joining the fashion city with 1.2 milion investment. For Malaccans who want to change the whole wardrobe, they can wait for this new store for a wider choice….

— asmaliana

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