July 13, 2020

More Villages – This time it’s Arabian!

One thing Melaka have in common with the Arabs Nation —> The Sun shine almost everyday in a year. But one thing Melaka have and Arabs nation don’t have despite both get the hot sun, Melaka have plenty of water. When there are plenty of water, then there will be many trees. when there are many trees there will be many flowers, when there are many flowers there will be many fruits, when there are many fruits there will be plenty of food for us to eat…and the when list will continue…

That’s why one Arab investor is interested to invest in Melaka bringing all at the Arabs compound here at Melaka in a form of cultural village. Arab Village may not suit well in London but sound suitable here in Melaka. Read the news article from Bernama:

Melaka To Have Arab Village To Woo Tourists

MELAKA, Jan 22 (Bernama) — An Arab village will be set up in Melaka to attract more tourists, especially from Middle East countries, to visit the state, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said today.

He said an investor from Saudi Arabia was willing to invest RM300 million for the project.

The village will have an Arabic Bazaar, comprising 300 shops, and also replicas of the various popular tourist destinations in the Middle East countries, he told reporters after chairing the weekly state executive council meeting.

Mohd Ali said that five traditional villages in Melaka — Kampung Bukit China, Kampung Bandar Kaba, Kampung Limbungan, Kampung Terengkera and Kampung Ujung Pasir — would be declared “heritage villages”, in addition to three — Kampung Chitty, Kampung Morten and Kampung Portugis — which had been given the status by the Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry.

He also said a study would be carried out by the state government on the feasibility of having a tram service in the Melaka town.



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One thought on “More Villages – This time it’s Arabian!

  1. baca kat suratkhabar hari tu, patutnya dia nak buat kat jalan ampang, kl kan? tapi lambat sgt approve. so, tok ali offer tanah dekat melaka. ok gak mende ni, sini pun ramai pak arab mmu. hehe

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