Children Swimming Aids

Swim-Swim on the way!

As usual weekend will be the best time to bring our children for a short trip or vacation. Ask your children between playground and water, most of them will choose water instead of land. When we go for water trip, a theme park will be the best option. In Melaka, the best place to go for a swim with your family is AFamosa Water World. The park offer variety of water playing field that will let your child forget eating the whole day and they will end up sleeping in the car while going home. Usually the theme park don’t put any requirement of age for children to use all the theme park features as long as their parents are there. We can seem even babies also in the water with their parents. Safety first! Lets take a look the available swimming aid available in the market for your children:-

1)Little Tikes Swimming Car Float

2)Swimline Swim – Tee Trainer

3)Baby Spring Float.

4)Inflatable 7″ x 7″ Arm Bands

5)Freestyler Training Vest

And last but not least, the swimming shorty for the cutie!

Toddler neoprene shorty little kids wetsuit (backzip)

— asmaliana

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