Miss Tourism City Tour & X’mas Open House

On 27th December, Miss Tourism International 2008 finalist were having a tour throughout the historic city of Melaka. Starting from all the historical place at Banda Hilir such as A Famosa, Stadhuys, Memorial of Independence, Melaka Sultanate Palace and dine Melaka traditional food. They were all lovely and friendly. But don’t be hurt if they don’t eat what you have served to them because you know, their body is their important asset in this career and final is around the corner.

Even all of them are more than 170cm tall average, actually they are all younger than me! hahaha. Malaysian should consider a new diet to be taller in the future not just to compete in Miss World pageant but more height will be useful if Malaysian want to get gold medal in Olympics. After their last appearance at Portuguese Settlement for the X’mas open house invitation, they were going straight back to their main venue for Miss Tourism International 2008 at Sunway Pyramid.

X’mas open house that night attracted about 30,000 multi-racial visitors but the police has manage the traffic well. Special guest, Malaysia Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi with wife Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah were present to officiate the ceremony. Not much picture I can take that night because don’t have a pass. Here some selected pic on 27th..!

police rider escorting miss tourism international 2008
Police Rider Escorting ‘Lady in the bus’…

miss tourism international 2008 at A famosa Gate
At the A Famosa Gate…

miss tourism international 2008 at Stadhuys
In front of the Stadhuys Complex…

miss tourism international 2008 at menara taming sari
After a spinning experience at Taming Sari Tower…

miss tourism international 2008 at ole sayang
Lunch at Ole Sayang…luckily Baba-Nyonya asam pedas is not so ‘pedas’ lorrr…

miss tourism international 2008 at Mini Malaysia
Tired of performing, now is the time a performer performing to them at Mini Malaysia…

preparin miss tourism international 2008 clothing
The lady mobile wardrobe, they must look good every time…

miss tourism international 2008 with batik theme
It’s batik time! They really look good in any fashion…

miss tourism international 2008 arriving at christmas open house
Arriving at Ujong Pasir to celebrate X’mas….

Christmas open house 2008 at Portuguese Settlement
Ho!..Ho!..Ho! and a merrier Christmas ahead..

all want to be santa at portuguese settlement
The Malaysian version of Santa…

miss korea my favorite
Miss Korea my Favourite, thinks she will get to runner up.

Prime Minister of Malaysia arriving at Portuguese Settlement
Prime Minister Arriving at X’mas open house, I must get a good camera after this..any suggestion for RM1500?

— asmaliana

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