September 28, 2020

Poco-Poco Police and Horsemen to Protect the Malacca Tourist

The cha-cha Malacca police women..

Malacca has its own tourist special police force, men and women. The police – men are great at riding a horse and the police women can dance – cha-cha. They will greet you with smile at all famous Melaka tourist spot especially at Banda Hilir. Their presence everywhere in the street making tourist feel safe and making the snatch thief thinking twice.

Tourist enjoying the tourist police in ‘action’…

In 2005, Melaka State Police in collaboration with Melaka City Hall has established a Horse Unit for the tourist police department. This horse unit makes the job to protect, control and helping tourist more fun and unique. But till now I’m not yet see a police riding a horse chasing thief at Banda Hilir.

Tourist police job will ensure all information about law, tourist destination, safest route get directly to the tourist. When you see them, just ask them, they are well equip, not just with gun, but also with tourism infos. You will find that they wear a badge that write a big ‘I’ logo, an international code for information.

Just say hi and you can take a ‘shot’ with them..

Got a women horse rider too!…

Malaysia police motto is “Friendly, Quick And Right “. So they will be friendly to you especially the tourist police. The tourist police also have direct relationship with state tourism unit and all problem address from the tourist will go directly to the relevant tourism authorities. Anyway, where you can get a police women dancing in the street huh?


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