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I can say that this park has the largest collection of crocodile in this country. They have all local crocodile species with additional friends from America, Mexico, India and Thailand. All about 100 species of the croc. This predators are captured and breed in condition that match their natural habitat. Visitors can see Crocodile show by the croc caretaker every Saturday. This croc show seems to be like a near death experience to the caretaker sure will make buttocks uneasy at the seat.

A mummy croc will welcome you at the front entrance

Among the species at the park are:-

* Estuarine / Salt Water Crocodile / “Crocodylus Porosus
* Buaya Tembaga [Our Local Crocodile]
* False Gavial
* Buaya Jenjulung [Our Local Crocodile]
* Crocodylus Siamensis
* Buaya Siam from Thailand
* Spectacled Caiman
* Buaya “Caiman” dari Mexico
* Indian Marsh Mugger Crocodile
* Buaya Marsh Mugger dari India
* American Alligator
* Aligator from USA

Some part of the park is dedicated to breed honey bee. The honey is for commercial used. Apart from crocodile at the park, there other attraction for families and the little one that are:-

You ‘can touch this’..

# Photography session with our baby crocodile
“Diana” which acted in the film “Anna & The King”.
# Horse and Pony Rides.
# Mini Bikes for Tiny Tots.
# Haunted House.
# Train Rides into Jurassic World

The Beginning of A Croc..

For those interested, Crocodile feeding session are every Saturday and Sunday at 11 am. Watch out for your hand as the lazy looking croc actually can jump high when seeing meat!

Croc Show…Crikey!

Entrance Fees:
Adult : RM5.00
Children: RM3.00

Operation Time:
Everyday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

For more info, please call:
Taman buaya Melaka (Melaka Crocodile Park)
Pusat Pelancongan Ayer Keroh
Ayer Keroh 75450, Melaka
Tel: +606-232 2349 / 232 2350
Fax: +606-231 9136

A haunted house, no croc, just a fake ghost.

A cage croc, but he is no tame like the chimpanzee.

With the Park Staff and Friends..

— asmaliana

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