November 29, 2021

Miss Nyonya Kebaya International Pageant 2008

Ladies in full set Kebaya…

The hunt is on…again. Calling for all ladies in the house! Miss Nyonya Kebaya International Pageant 2008 is coming. Organize by Hotel Equatorial Melaka, this time they are searching for the perfect person to be crown of one of the country ‘s traditional fashion representation. The Classic…The Charming…The Curvy…The…Sexy…and The Sweet Nyonya Kebaya. To be a Nyonya Kebaya is not like a Beauty Pageant. You will not wear all type of fashion, just a Kebaya and the Kebaya history can be traced back more than 500 years ago in Melaka.

A Brief info about kebaya history:-

On the island of Java before 1600, kebayas were sacred clothing to be worn only by members of the Javanese monarchy. During the period of Dutch control of that island, European women began wearing kebayas as formal dress. During this period, kebayas were transformed from only using mori fabric to using silk with colorful embroidery.

A similar garment called the “nyonya kebaya” was first created by the Peranakan people of Malacca. They wore it with a sarong and beautiful beaded shoes called “kasut manek”. Nowadays, the nyonya kebaya is going through a period of revival, and is also becoming popular among non-Asian peoples.

The tentative is like this:-
1st heat – 21 November 2008
Semi Final – 28 November 2008
Grand Finale – 5 December 2008

Newly Crown Miss Nyonya Kebaya will earn RM3000 worth of prizes, sash crown an trophy. As usual 1st and 2nd runner up will also get the cash, sash and trophy. The registration date was closed on 15 November and that is mean yesterday.

But if you want more info or want to beg at the organizer to slot you in please call the number below:
06-2828333, ext 3310 / 3311.

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