July 6, 2020

Visit to Le’s Copaque…

Kak Ros, Upin & Ipin and Mei Li

Yesterday after finished meeting at Putrajaya, I and my colleague decided to go to Shah Alam and visit the Le’s Copaque Production. Le’s Copaque Production is now famous with the Upin & Ipin animation. With just 2 years in the industy, Le’s Copaque Production TV series Upin & Ipin was a success and have many fans from the children and teenagers. Upin & Ipin at youtube has already gaining 318,000 views.

At our visit to the Le’s Copaque office at Shah Alam Section 13, we have a chance to meet upin & ipin, kak ros and mei li. They are all fun person to meet and they enjoy meeting you all. The office are full of laughter with very bright colors. They also have a restaurant with their animation trademarks. All Upin & Ipin merchandise are sold here like t-shirt and cap. Now their production is finishing the project Geng The Movie. Geng will be a animation film not a tv series.

Geng Restaurant…

We will invite Upin & Ipin’s friends at MITC this coming 5 to 7 December. Be sure to be there and meet this characters!

Visit Upin & Ipin Website!…

Upin & Ipin TV series…

Geng The Moive Trailer..


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7 thoughts on “Visit to Le’s Copaque…

  1. hi. saya minat upin & ipin. tentang karnival pelancongan melaka di mitc nanti, saya ada nampak bunting karnival tu. ada upin & ipin. hehe. ramai pelajar U minat dgn cite ni tau. saya nak tanya upin & ipin dijangka akan bertemu peminat pada hari apa dan pukul berapa? terima kasih

  2. Hi Choki,

    Upin & Ipin akan bertemu peminat Jumaat semasa perasmian, hari Sabtu jam 2ptg dan Ahad dalam jam 11pagi. Ajak le member datang ramai-ramai ye…

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