April 21, 2021

Go Travel? Natural remedy will come in handy…

Travels come with many motives, there are tourism traveling, travel for work, travel to shopping, travel to study or just to take a day off. Often when travel we will experience inconveniences like flu, skin rashes, headache or soar throat. This due to the changing of environment, pollution and extensive exposure to sun heat.

Such inconveniences will spoil our day like can’t make a good presentation to a client very well after traveling for a long journey. To prevent all this, better ready some remedy in you pocket or travel bag. Apart from pills and first aid box you can get from the pharmacist, a home grown herb and natural remedy can be the alternative option. Also it could save a little bit of you budget.

Here are some natural remedies you can consider:

1- Aloe Vera – for sun burn, bruises and skin sensitivity.
2- Ginger – for soar throat, stomach discomfort and muscular pain.
3- Lavender Oil – Anxiety and sleep problem
4- Chamomile – Indigestion
5- Broad leaf Plantain – soothes poison ivy and insect bites
6- Peppermint leaves – minor bouts of nausea
7- Dandelion – use as a mild laxatives

In certain community, there is also a plant that can use to exorcise a ghost or prevent a ghost activity near you like the neem plant. So if you afraid of ghost while traveling, be sure to take neem leaves with you..

More info about natural remedy article here and here.


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