August 19, 2022

Eid ul-Fitr – Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 2008

Today mark the end of fating month for all the Muslims in the world. Now is the month of Shawwal, after the month of Ramadan the fasting month. Every religions in the world have own festive season. As usual all festive season will be the month of feast. Here in Melaka or Malaysia in general, all houses are open to the guest with many serving and delicacies. Because the majority of Muslims in Malaysia are Malays, you will see many rice base dishes, all curry and many beef / chicken.


Every home will have ketupat : rice made into dumplings in wrapped coconut leaf, lemang : glutinous rice put into a bamboo shell, beef rendang (curry, spice and coconut as main ingredients), chicken curry and beef serunding (minced beef cooked with spices and at longer time). Don’t see any vege’s around here. Yup the tradition that will make your blood pressure high. 1st and 2nd day of eid ul-fitr, every home you visit will serve food with big quantities.



If we look into other religions festival for example Chinese New Year, Indian Festival of Light (Deepavali) and Christmas, gathering with families / friends and eat big are common. This shows that we live in a wealthy country with peace and harmony. Food is not a problem and we can freely roam anywhere we want too. As eid ul – fitr also celebrated in many part of the world, there are people don’t celebrate as festive as Malaysia e.g in country that are in war like Palestine or poor country in Africa. Let us pray that we can continues to enjoy lavish hospitality that we practice here in Malaysia although diverse culture and religion. We Malaysian are far more blessed that other countries from my opinion, no war, no riot, no earth quake, tsunamis…nothing!.

The first day of Shawwal, the 10th month of the Muslim Lunar Calendar are nation public holiday, religious authority will ascertained the date of 1st Shawwal (Or 1st Ramadan) with sighting the moon in the late evening. This procedure is carried out from several vantage points throughout the country. After that the Yang Dipertuan Agong (Malaysia King) will endorse it and representative from palace will announce it throughout the country. This procedure is followed because in Malaysia, King is the chief of Islamic administration in this country.

Islam custom will be the same throughout the world with the first Shawwal Muslims will pray at the mosque and doing visit to the cemetery to say prayers for the departed souls of loved ones. In Malaysia, non muslims friends also came to visit their muslims friends and share the joy with full hospitality. This has become a very distinctive Malaysian practice that will be continued to replicate in others religion celebration such as Chinese New Year and Indian Festival of light.


My Small Family…


This festive season everything new..

Happy Eid Mubarak!


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  1. Wishing you and family and all fellow Malaysian muslims a VERY HAPPY & SELAMAT HARI RAYA PUASA!

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