September 25, 2022

Explore Malacca Sea with Explorer Boats…

Mr. Mike here at the Explorer Boats Klebang Melaka is the state sea expert. With more than 20 years of experience in making boats, everybody who loves the sea and boats will know Mr. Mike from the Explorer boats. All kinds off boats available from passenger series, leisure, fisherman boats, kayak, pontoon, floating dock and trailers. Just don’t ask for containers ship. They manufacture boats, services, and rent.

The interesting about this guys at Explorer boats are they don’t just making boats, they also sail and dive. Contact them and they can organize for your fishing tours, angling, island hoping, company outings, diving trips and other sea related activities. Explorer Boats also have unique package too like :

Honeymoon Dream :

This is our special for people in love. You are sailing into the sunset in exclusive privacy. They provide special drinks and canapes for your special evening.The sailing adventures bring you on board of ‘Mac”:
A 26 ft cruising sailboat with shallow draft to get even to the remote destinations.With a capacity of 6 persons and 4 sleeping places.For smaller undertakings, there is the dinghy ‘Jangada’ with place for 4
Under way we have drinks and snacks available.

Robinson Crusoe :

Pulau Nangka – A dream comes true: You will have an island all for yourself. We will visit an island that offers nothing but nature. The beach waits for you only. You will experience a tropical paradise.(1, 2 or 3 days).

And many more here.

Ahah.. they have a restaurant too! The Seafarer Restaurant. A Restaurant just at the Straits of Melaka sandy beaches. Ahoy! there for more info, contacts and bookings just visit here.


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