First architecture when you enter Melaka will be…

The Ayer Keroh Arch (Pintu Gerbang Ayer Keroh) :

Located just about five kilometers from the Ayer Keroh toll plaza, which is the entry point into Melaka from the North-South Expressway, this arch serves to welcome visitors to Melaka. Flanked by three towers on both sides, the arch was the idea of current Melaka CM.

And the towers are not just a statue of concrete, it has meaning.

The three towers which flank the arch depicts the three major races in Melaka and Malaysia – Malay, Chinese and Indian.

For Tired motorists, the arch which doubles up as a R&R facility. Various facilities including shelters, public restrooms and a prayer room is available. A Tourist Information Centre has also been set-up in the area to provide first-time visitors to Melaka with the necessary information about Melaka.

— asmaliana

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