An Orchard behind Barbed wire…

In Malacca, there is an orchard for pre-independent inmates. Inmates that have only 2 years of jail sentence balance are stationed here to undergo an on job training. This training purpose are to prepared them when the are out of jail. As a result they get a work or to be an entrepreneur themselves. Nonetheless The orchard is still a jail.

Nationally known as Dusun Dato’ Murad, ‘Dusun’ means orchard and ‘Dato’ Murad’ is a man that this jail dedicated to, a former National Prison Director. This jail orchard have 38.85 acre of area that consist of a farm, residential building, recreational and administration building. Situated at Ayer Keroh, the place are about 12kilometer from town and 3kilomete from Ayer Keroh Toll exit.

This Institution has been gazetted into federal government law dated 18th February 2003 for national Prison Act. With the gazetted, this institution will do a new control system for inmates that have just 2 year balance of sentence from other prison around Malaysia to be prepared for acquitted. Now the institution still actively doing all recovery activity with agriculture as it’s main core. All you can find here:

-goat farm
-wide variety of herbal garden
-tropical fruit orchard
-fish pond
-deer farm
-fertilizer processing

All products from the jail orchard are sold to the public and the revenue also divided for those inmates. Among them, some also already have job offer from industries just after they a free from sentences because of the skills they have acquired from the institution.

When I and my colleague had a tour to this facilities, surprisingly I can’t see even a single of the inmates, there are kept in their jail room for safety. For more info about the jail orchard or want to organize a trip, here is the contact:

Penjara Pra Bebas Dusun Dato’ Murad
75450 Ayer Keroh
Tel : +606-232 3428 / +606-231 8725
Faks : +606-232 5790

Mushroom Barn

Fishpond with variety of local fresh water fish.

Mix Breed Goat

Traditional Herbs Garden, as you can see in the picture with white flower is ‘Misai Kucing’ herbs.

Vegetables farming.

They also made some garments, its hand made batik!

All tour was escorted by the warden.

Ok bye! Please come again as a tourist and not as a resident! Said the warden before we leave


— asmaliana

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