Bone Powered Soup!


I don’t know if anything like exist in other part of the world other than Melaka, Malacca or Malaysia. If not than I can announce it as Malaysia traditional food, made in Malaysia. Famous with the name “Gearbox Soup”. Just ask for gearbox soup than not more to ask, you will serve with big cow knee bone in a big bowl full of spicy soup. When served you can smell the strong aroma of spice and cooked meat. The thickness of the soup is not come from any powder like western soup but comes from the bones and meat itself. I say this soup is full of calcium much more than Anlene Calcium Milk I think. Scientist should check it out. You can find it at almost everypart of Malaysia local food stall.

Picture below is during my eating out at Johor Bahru west of Malaysia but the Gearbox Soup is mixed with noodles. It’s rally hot. Read other bloggers experience with this famous soup of bones here, here and here. It’s sure everyone favorite!.


— asmaliana

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