August 19, 2022

Jog at Fort of St. John


When Portuguese Invaded Melaka, they had build a small chapel at this hill. The original name of the hill is ‘Bukit Pipi’. After the Portuguese Build a chapel dedicated to St. John, the hill get the name St. John. Locals can’t pronounce the word correctly than they named it Senjuang Hill. In 1628, Acheh warrior in one attempt to attack the Portuguese, successfully captured the hill and use it as a base to attack Portuguese Soldiers at Bukit China. Actuall St. John Hill is Opposite the Bukit China Hill, you can imagine the battle at that day, a very close battle.

Melaka town from the fort wall.

In the 3rd quater of 18 century (Dutch Era), St. John’s Fort was constructed by the Dutch to guard attack by landward side from restive Malay forces raids again their post at Melaka. Many of the gunports at the fort are toward land because Dutch don’t expected attack from sea. The brick stairs toward the fort was newly built by State Government Museum Dept.

Fort compound.

Now the hill attracted locals to jog from the foot to the top and enjoy the breeze from Straits of Melaka. Nothing much up there just old fort and old cannon. St. John hill located between Jalan Bukit Senjuang and Lorong Bukit Senjuang towards Ujong Pasir.

To the fort…


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