August 12, 2022

Prefer a traditional donuts?


What do you think about the donuts above? Feel like the chocolate melt in your mouth? The smooth creamy donuts topping so creamy and juicy that you want to eat it slowly bite by bite. The donuts is in your hand, you enjoying every details of its carving, the smells and the tenderness of the dough. Eating it is like enjoying an art paintings. Well as you can see from picture, it’s a typical donuts shape of J.Co, Big Apple or Dunkin Donuts. Talk about Dunkin Donuts, I haven’t seen the outlet about a year I think..Is it still exist?.

What about the picture below:


The rounded shape with hole at the center is typical donuts look but is it a donuts? No it is not a donuts, it’s a traditional Malay dishes called ‘Keria’. I you google the doughnuts history, we can say that Donuts we see in the International franchisee retailer like Dunkin Donuts are originated from Europe. Some say donuts originated from England and some say donuts is invented by United States. In this ‘Keria’ case, I thinks there is no copycat issues because in every part of the world there are many type of cakes that have hole in the center. The main purpose is to make it cooked well .

‘Keria’ or local version of donuts actually made from yam or tapioca. The making of a keria is very simple. First the yam or tapioca will be boiled until soft and than mash with added some flour and salt. Knead all the ingredient to make a dough. After that just pinch a little from the dough make it round, flatten it and make a hole at the center than fry. After all have been cooked, heat some Melaka Sugar or can be made with normal granulated sugar. After the sugar is melt like a caramel, pour all the cooked dough into it until all is covered with the caramel. Finished.

Anyway for who are not familiar with Melaka Sugar, it is a sugar made from a coconut tree sap. The cocunut tree sap naturally is a very sweet concentrate and can made into a drink. A very sweet and aromatic drink not similar to coconut juice. The concentrate can turn into alcohol in longer time. And why the sugar have the Melaka at it? It is believe the sugar once popularize by Malaccan throughout the country hundred years ago, same like the Strait of Melaka.

A Melaka Sugar, uncut.


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