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Enjoy village life style at Melaka Homestay throughout the year. Be at home with sarong and baju melayu sitting at the old wooden verandah eating local fruits like durians, duku, langsat and rambutans. Walk at paddy fields… feel the open air breeze and wet your feet at the muddy field. Lunch malay style – sit cross legged with no spoon or fork and the menu are full of spices and chillies – extra hot!.


Currently there are homestay at Alor Gajah, Melaka Tengah and Jasin District. The usually famous are Homestay Sri Tanjung Masjid Tanah (Alor Gajah), Homestay Kampung Alai (Melaka Tengah), Homestay Anjung Bonda Asahan (Jasin), Homestay Parit Penghulu Sungai Rambai (Jasin) and Homestay Kampung Pulai (Jasin). Homestay Sri Tanjung for example have already won Beautiful Village Contest in state level twice and National Champion once.


The homestay concept offers tourist to stay with their foster families of resident from any homestay at the choosable villages. Facilities offered at the stated homestay are 28 houses in Kg. Seri Tanjung, 30 houses in Homestay Kg. Pulai Desaku Permai, 6 houses in Homestay Kg. Alai, 6 houses in Anjung Bonda and 24 houses in Kg Sungai Rambai that participate in this programme, with a total of 94 rooms available for rent. The hosts will provide food comprising of local dishes and delicacies.

For More info tourist can contact Tourism Promotion Division or directly to the Homestay Chairman. List of the homestay chairman are below:

Homestay Participants of Seri Tanjung, Masjid Tanah, Melaka.

Chairman : En. Mohd Yusof bin Salleh
Address : Lorong 1, Kg. Seri Tanjung, Masjid Tanah, 78300 Melaka
Telephone : 06-384 5853
Fax : 06-385 2330

Homestay Participants of Kampung Alai, Melaka.

Chairman : En. Akramuddin bin Hj. Abdul Aziz
Telephone : 016-6666649
Fax : 06-284 7130

Homestay Participants Anjung Bonda,Chabau, Jasin.
Chairman : En. Omar bin Md. Diah
Address : JA 5475 Jalan Omar, Sempang Bekoh, 77100 Asahan Melaka.
Telehone : 06-523 5475
Fax: 06-523 5893

Homestay Kampung Parit Penghulu, Sungai Rambai, Jasin.
Chairman : En. Suparman bin Abu
Address : Parit Penghulu Sungai Rambai Melaka
Telephone : 06-265 9808
Fax : 06-265 8188

Homestay Kampung Pulai, Melaka.
Chairman : Tuan Hj. Seman bin Derus.
Telephone : 019-608 4948.
Fax : 06-284 0414

The purpose of Homestay programme are to promote traditional kampung lifestyle and preserve it from the changes of modernization.

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