July 7, 2022

Catch of the day…


Do you recognize the fish above? Yes it’s a snakehead fish or ‘Haruan’ in Malaysian language. At the first place I don’t know the English term for it but just found it in google. A snakehead fish? The english word sure not suit the malaysian word. Anyway my husband got the fish from his friends who has a farm/pond. Elderly says that the fish is good for women after giving a birth or anyone after an operation that suffer internal bleeding or injuries. It said that consuming the fish can fasten any internal organ that bleeds and maintain good health. Now there are companies producing the snakehead fish in a tablet and essence form. I also have the tablet form of this fish.


So what will be the recipe? My mom will cooked it with coconut milk gravy. Just grilled the fish a little bit with added lemon, salt and turmeric. Boiled the coconut milk with added lemon grass, turmeric leaves, ginger, salt and little bit of chillies. Chillies not to much as I am breast feeding the baby. Mothers milk also can contaminated if the mothers eat to much chillies or any herbal remedies. Interested in the snakehead fish for dinner? The fish is hardly find at the market but it is a native fish in Malaysian ecology. You can try ask at the wet market if they can supply it.


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