Melaka Tourism 12 Sub-Sectors

Melaka State Government promoting Melaka tourism base on it’s 12 subsectors. The subsectors are:-

1.) History
2.) Culture
3.) Recreation
4.) Sport
5.) Shopping
6.) convention
7.) Education
9.) Agro
10.) Makan-makan (Eating Out)
11.) Melaka My 2nd Home
12.) Youth

As Melaka have already known for it’s historical landmarks and diverse culture, other sectors like MICE (Convention) with additional 5 star mice facilities like MITC, Holiday Inn, the 6 star Majestic Hotel, Renaissance, Equatorial and more coming at the end of 2010 are growing rapidly. Not to mention Melaka Health tourism that starting to bring big impact to the state with more patient coming for low cost treatment but modern medical facilities.

Watch this video that will briefly explain about all the 12 tourism sub-sectors. Enjoy!

12 Tourism Subsectors.

12 Tourism Subsectors- Continue (youtube only had maximum 10min :-))

— asmaliana

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