August 19, 2022

Melaka Made Pewter…

In the old Melaka Sultanate era 600 years ago, accessories made from silver, gold and copper were famous. Tableware usually made from tin as glass was not invented yet in those days. What about pewter? Pewter technology was not known in this region although famous in Europe centuries ago. Ok enough for history lesson and proceed to the subject :-).

As Malaysia is famous for Royal Selangor Pewter, Melaka also have local craftsmen who made pewter for sale. If Royal Selangor Pewter are more prestigious in design with more modern ideas and also strong European influence, Melaka pewter craftsmen only made pewter in small scale and concentrating on traditional motif in term of pewter design. Two well known pewter maker in Melaka are MK Pewter and AJ Nadi. While MK Pewter make pewter more to corporate gift, key chain, pendant, bookmark and others gift set, AJ Nadi more focus on more artistic and traditional Malay design such as royal Malay hair clip, kris, local flowers motif, traditional Malay house replica, hairpin and brooch. All AJ Nadi pewter are hand made but the prices are very affordable.

Melaka made pewter can be found in many tourist spot such as Banda Hilir, Stadhuys Complex, Melaka Sentral and Dataran Pahlawan.

Malay Hair Pin from Pewter – AJ Nadi.

Baba-nyonya style hairpin – AJ Nadi.

Pewter Malay house from AJ Nadi.

Flower motif pewter for wall decoration AJ Nadi.


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