August 12, 2022

It’s a baby boy!


Hello all, to frens & bloggers who called my mobile this evening till tonight I am sorry as I am not able to answer the phone call coz I am in the hospital right now. I am having my second baby and it’s a baby boy. Baby was born about 9.30pm and I enter the labor room about 8.30pm. The process is normal and the baby is healthy with eyes wide open. No name decided yet. As usual my husband will google some good baby name for us to choose.

Will updates more picture of my baby soon!. Wanna rest…Peace :-).





My second baby look similar to my first daughter. But you can’t tell much different because he is just 3 days old baby. Usually about 2-3 month old they will start to looks more unique resemblance. Now I am discharge and got maternity leave for 2 month. Well what to do…other than Blogging!.


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4 thoughts on “It’s a baby boy!

  1. “my husband will google some good baby name” 😀

    google is my friend, google is your friend, so .. we all are friends

    congratz for the baby boy…

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