August 18, 2022

Tourist Friendly Campaign

tourist friendly smile

Last Friday, Tourism Promotion Unit launch a campaign called ‘Mesra Pelancong’ or Tourist Friendly. The ceremony was officiate by YB DATUK SEET HAR CHEOW State Exco of Tourism. The badge above is the official badge for this campaign. The aim for this campaign are to promote the Spirit Think Tourism and Act Tourism to all tourism players. For example in the aspect of cleanliness of the private facilities and courtesy to all. All parties must threat all tourist with smile and willing to help in any aspect as it is a crucial part in maintaining our reputation at the eyes of the world.

At the event tourism players such as Hotelier, Travel Agents, Cultural Association, Private Hospitals, Taxi Operators, Ferry Operators, Restaurants Owner and others turn up at Seri Negeri Hall as early at 8.30am to participate a dialogs with government related agencies in tourism. The dialogs was turn to be constructive as many ideas and views were shared between tourism players and government related agencies. Independet bloggers who promote Melaka at their web such as also come to support the dialogs.

Among issues raised were fund related to UNESCO World Heritage to upgrade old buildings at Hereen Street, more informative signboard at tourism spot, updated factbooks for travel agents, contract rates for hotel and give other agents to handle outbound trips / ticketing and special outings by all governments & vip’s.

Dialog Participants

After the session all the Tourism Players and Government Related Agencies receive the Smiley Badge from Datuk Seet Har Cheow to promote the ‘Tourist Friendly Campaign’.

Receiving The Badge.
badge recieveing


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2 thoughts on “Tourist Friendly Campaign

  1. need more information this campaign called ‘Mesra Pelancong’ or Tourist Friendly….i hope u can help me…

  2. Amer,

    Tourist Friendly campaign is just a campaign for Melaka people only. With this campaign, the State Government of Melaka hope that all Melakans to ‘Think Tourism, Act Tourism’ as Melaka work to be number one historical tourist destination. All Tourism Players are encourage to follow the campaign and given the free smiley batch. Other than that, relevant state tourism agencies will help the tourism players in terms of promotion,showcase, business matching and training.

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