Common Tourism Industry Jargon..

There are common word in tourism industry that public used to hear but maybe unsure what is the meaning about. Below are few common abbreviation used in this industry with few words also specific to Melaka tourism.

Tourism Jargon

Word/Abbrv. Meaning
Backpacker A visitor for the purpose of a holiday or special event who stays in a backpackers lodge/hostel
Business Travel Travel of 1 - 365 days duration for the purpose of attending a convention or training, conducting official/government or private business.
Deregulation Removal or relaxing of barriers to travel such as restrictions on the nature of outbound travel, amount of money taken out of the country, visa requirements and costs, air service agreements.
Domestic tourism Travel within the country of residence.
FIT Free Independent Travellers - visitors coming for holiday who do not purchase pre-packaged travel or pay for anything other than international airfares prior to arriving in Malaysia. Whilst in Malaysia, they organise their own travel as they go, do not travel as part of a tour group or on a coach tour.
FOREX Foreign Exchange Earnings
GDP Gross Domestic Product
Group Travel Often used to mean coach tour travellers, but can also refer to holiday-makers who travel with a group of two or more couples, a family group, a school or special interest group, etc.
Holiday Travel Travel of 1 - 365 days duration, for the purpose of a holiday, a honeymoon, skiing/snowboarding, or as an incentive/reward for good work.
Impromptu Travel No arrangements booked in country of destination prior to travel. (Another name for FIT travel).
Inbound Tour Operator Local based tourism operators who put together itineraries and process reservations (including accommodation, transport, activites and attractions) on behalf of offshore tour wholesalers and retail agents.
Inbound travel / tourism Short term arrivals into a country by nationals/residents of other countries.
Independent Travel Travellers who make their own arrangements and devise their own itineraries, i.e. both FIT and SIT travellers but not group or coach tour travellers.
Long-haul Travel Air travel of 8 or more hours duration.
LOS / LoS Length of Stay - the amount of time a tourist spends in a particular place.
MAHA Melaka Hotel Association
MAH Malaysia Association of Hotel
MBHA Melaka Budget Hotel Association
MATTA Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents
MTGA Malacca Tourist Guides Association
MCTA Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association
MTPN Majlis Tindakan Pelancongan Negeri
MTA Melaka Tourism Association
Medium-haul Travel Air travel of between 4 and 8 hours duration
MITC Melaka International Trade Center
MICE Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events
PERZIM Perbadanan Muzim Melaka
OECD Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
PATA Pacific Asia Travel Association
WTO World Tourism Organization

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