September 25, 2022

Flowers all around at Melaka Botanical Garden! – Florathon 2008

Today 20th July, about 3000 people gathered at Melaka Botanical Garden to participate the Florathon 2008. The event supported by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia was in conjunction with Malaysia Floral Fest 2008.

malaysia floral fest

  • Malaysia’s very own Floral Fest was given inspiration through having won many accolades and collected awards over the years at the world renowned Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade in USA.

    This year’s theme, “Colours of Harmony” will resonate throughout the month of July with participative events and activities organised at several venues around Malaysia. This floral parade is the first such event to be organised in South East Asia to date and is open to everyone including private and governmental organisations in Malaysia and also international participants.

  • Participants from all over the country gathered here as early as 7.00am to register. The air was full by fresh flowers scent as participants decorating their bodies with fresh flowers. Few foreign tourist also come to enjoy the floral walk and there is a special category for them. The walk was started by Rt. Hons Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali bin Mohd. Rustam Chief Minister of Melaka. Datuk Seri Himself also joining the 3km walk and finished about 30mins later. As for me I’m not joining the race because I’m was one of the Jury and I’m 8 month pregnant haha. Why a jury? As previous post, this walk was not determined by the fastest athlete but participant creativity and presentation.

    I dont accept bribe please!

    Full with Orchid…
    blooming orchid

    Miss Full of Flowers 2008…
    miss flower

    The Plant Man.
    plant man

    A Happy Family Tree…
    the tree family

    The Reggae boyzs.
    the raggae

    The Mask Princess…Where is my Zorro?
    mask princess

    Registration was up early…

    Participant from Hotel – Sri Malaysia.
    hotel smalaysia

    Warm up first..
    warm up

    Florathon at starting grid…

    Bunga Raya waitress competition at starting grid…
    waiter start

    Winner Man Category..
    winner man

    Winner Women Category…
    winner women

    Winner from Europe.
    winner euro


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