August 7, 2020

Chicken Rice Ball, Famosa Style…

Chicken rice is common to all Malaysian. Chicken rice also known as the Hainanese chicken rice originated from China now part of the national daily food and it’s the fastest food you can order at the restaurant. The serving also suitable for lunch time as the package are complete with rice, chicken, salad, soup and sauce. Usually chicken rice serve in a plate where the rice is pour in to it with a measure of one soup cup.

However in Melaka, there is one famous chicken rice restaurant that made the rice into a ball. A rice ball. The place is Famosa Chicken Rice Ball. The restaurant is quite famous locally and nationally. Equipped with new technology, the rice ball are not produce bay hand anymore but using a machine it as to produce quality and hygiene rice ball. Famosa Chicken Rice restaurant got 5 branches in Melaka and only one have a halal certificate. The halal branch is at Tesco store. The other four branches serve non halal food. More about the history,company info, map and address here.

Picture below duing my visit to Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant at No. 28-30, Jalan Hang Kasturi, off Jonker Street (the main restaurant)

Famosa Chicken Rice owner with one of Hong-Kong celebrities. Forgot to ask the name…
famosa owner

Enter the Dragon!. Mural at the restaurant. Full of Chinese philosophy.

Emperor’s Chair. Another attraction to the restaurant.

The interior favor Chinese lucky color.

interior red

Serving for 6 people…
the serving

Menu.. non halal.


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