Helping the Baby Turtle Make Their Way to the Sea

Melaka coast are favorite for Hawkbill Turtle or Penyu Karah. Read my previous post about Melaka Turtle Management Center Here. Last week I was at the center and luckily it’s time for turtle egg starting to hatch. It was fun when you can experience the baby turtle live at your palm. Thinking of the big adult turtle shell, this little one is so cute, small and fragile. I wonder how they can survive and eat at the open sea with just the size of your key chain. It even will not biting you. From what I can see, baby turtle is not cunning like other human pet. For example the kitten. A newborn kitten will find their mother for food and sometime a kitten will follow you thinking that you are the mommy and they want to play. Baby turtle is different, when i hold it, no much response, they are just eager to walk. Walk and walk to the water. No play-play like a kitten or a puppy. Guys if you have time no need to go to Terengganu or deserted island just to watch the baby turtle, come experience it at Kampung Padang Kamunting Melaka.

Baby turtle dont bite!
turtle on my cheek

Look at the size, just no bigger than you key chain.

turtle at palm

Chiow!, me want to go travel far-far away…
turtle going to water

Enjoy the baby turtle journey to the open sea video!

— asmaliana

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