Funny Dance at Taman Mini Malaysia & Asian

Taman Mini Malaysia & Mini Asean is quite well known in this country. Set up as a park that gather all traditional Malay houses from 13 states of Malaysia and 8 traditional houses from ASEAN countries. Located 2km from the Ayer Keroh Exit (toll plaza) of the PLUS highway.

The park also housing a complex for cultural activities apart from replica houses. You can expect many local handicraft here. Taman Mini Malaysia also have their inhouse performance dance group. Cultural activities are carried out weekly, monthly or on demand. I will details out the aspect of all replica houses in the park later. Meanwhile you can read info about this park here,and here.

For now please enjoy the funny epic dance by the Park Cultural Group. Also jingling nona dance featuring Miss Earth 08. Those misses sure are robotronic when come to dance.

Funny epic dance…

Jingling Nona, a Portuguese Fusion…

— asmaliana

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