July 7, 2022

The Volvo XC90 Experience at Melaka

When I arrived at Mahkota Parade Melaka to grab some dinner I saw few Volvos at the main entrance, kinda blocking customer from entering the shopping mall. I thought it was a non discipline customer who like to park everywhere as they please… but hey it’s a Volvo promotion. To look it like a tough car, I can see the company getting help from Explorer, a Melaka based outdoor and recreation company that famous with organizing Melaka International Regatta. Explorer also have a restaurant too, the Seafarer. It seem Volvo is trying their best to promote the Volvo XC90. More info about the Official Volvo XC90 experience here. Me? Volvo is not my type of car. It’s big and seem suits with a veteran.

For bicycle fans out there, this Volvo suits you..
volvo front

For Boat owners..you yo can have the benefits.
volvo with boat

They also selling vitamins? Probably not, its a prize gift away for a lucky draw I think.


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