August 16, 2022

MBO For the Weekend!

Melaka, small state, 2 existing bowling station, 1 under development and 3 Cinemas. Not bad for a small state. Today (Saturday) since no big events or state function, we decided to watch the big screen and the film is……….Indiana Jones. Why not Kung fu Panda? After a thorough consideration we prefer the Indiana Jones. This is because we seldom have time to go for the cinema and Indiana Jones is at the end of the show. Not many people watching it since the movie already at the Cinema for several weeks. You can expect many viewers opt for Kung Fu Panda since it’s a 3D cartoon movie and suitable for all ages – of course Pandas are cute.

The destination is MBO Cinema. Why MBO? Earlier I said that only 3 Cinemas in Melaka. Number 1, Mahkota Parade Golden Screen Cinema. I grow up with the Cinema. The Cinema has sat there since I was kid. Usual place for dating back there in 90’s. Furthermore its Saturday, Mahkota Parade is at the center of attraction, a massive traffic jam. No 2 is Iswaria at Soon Seng Plaza Jalan Tun Ali or known as Fajar. No not in my list, as far as I know Iswaria only had Bolly wood film. Then the choice is MBO Cinama at Melaka Mall. With ample parking lots, less traffic jam, 7 screens with 1200 seating capacity and the truth is I never been here before!.

MBO has been here since June 2007 and It was among the earliest tenant at Melaka Mall shopping complex. The exterior design is well decorated with classy feelings plus red carpet everywhere . The movie poster in the wall are very attractive studio like style compared to GSC Mahkota Parade. This maybe because MBO Cinema had more space and the building structure where MBO have upper floor for the Cinema Hall. From my observation, the seating length and the movie screen are more comfortable compared to GSC Mahkota Parade.

Located at Leboh Ayer Keroh, easily spotted from the road. If you are from Ayer Keroh / Highway Toll, MBO is at the left side opposite to the Jaya Jusco Shopping Complex. Apart from the MBO Cinema at Melaka Mall, the state own building, you can shop at Parkson, Cold Storage and others shop lot all under one roof. For more info about MBO Melaka Cinema here.

One way to the Cinemas is the Stairs, What? Picture not clear? Yes we can’t bring camera to the cinema lorr..just snap using mobile phone.
to the MBO

Movie Posters..
movie poster look great

Classy Interior
mbo interior

The Box Office
kung fu panda


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