February 27, 2021

Melaka River Fiesta 2008

pesta sungai 2008
Pesta Sungai Melaka 2008 (Melaka River Fiesta) is coming again! Starting at the end of May till 8th June 2008. At the closing of Melaka Tourism Street Carnival on 31st Mei, the baton is pass to Pesta Sungai Melaka 2008. Once again all the fish and living things in Sungai Melaka cannot rest in peace. There will be activities along the river from Taman Rempah (Melaka River Cruise Station ) to the River Mouth.

Last Year Duck Boat.
duck boat

Last Year Lantern Competition

Last Year Kayaking Activities


Melaka River Fiesta 2008 will be officiate by the Governor on 31st May 2008. Same like last year, it will have duck catching, pillow wrestling, lantern competition, musical show, jet ski, island hoping, dragon boat race and many more activities including to the little one.

You can download the brochure below:
pesta sungai


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  1. salam..saya nk tnya hadiah pertandingan karaoke kat pesta sungai melaka apa hadiah dia?

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