International Bee Museum, Air Keroh Melaka

beefarm entrance
International Bee Museum… Maybe the correct word for it is farm as Museum are more to historic or pre-historic activities. But the owner prefer the word museum and its ok. Taman Lebah Sedunia or International Bee Museum founded by Mr. Ong Kang Peng, a Apiculture Specialist. He started the bee business back in 1978. More than two decades playing with the stinging insect. I think all the bees in his farm have already assume him as part of the ‘bee’ family. That is why he never got sting in past few years.

Honey Showcase
bee counter
Located at Air Keroh Highway, just about 3kilometer from the PLUS Highway Ayer Keroh exit. After the toll just drive slowly below 80km per hour mark (this lane have many traffic monitor, I’ve already get caught twice ). Find the Taman Mini Malaysia and Mini Asean,the bee farm is just next to it.

A Bee Home
bee hive
No entrance fee to the farm,plus you will get a welcome drink, what do you think? Yes you must drink the honey….honey. Its like an educational tour, enter and you will learn how the bees evolve from larva to mother bees and producing honey for us human to consume. They have put a real wild bee hives for your pleasure viewing. Interesting because there are many shape and sizes naturally depending on the bee species. The honey they sell at the farm of course not from the hives, its out from the box. Yeah.. modern bees today live in apartment..cozy and colorful with stickers too.

Mr. Bee
mr bee

Other than that you can witness a candid showcase of honeycomb making not by Mr. Ong Kang Peng but the bees itself. Okay I forgot, why is this farm called itself international? That is because the Museum kept hundred bottled of honey from different continent in a glass cabinet. But you can’t tell many differences because the color are almost the same, accept maybe the bees have certain shape and sizes.

World Honey
world honey

— asmaliana

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