Pulau Besar Melaka a Version of Monte Cristo Here..

Ever heard of Monte Cristo Island? Yeah go to the Music Valley and buy Count of Monte Cristo Movie. In the movie the islands was remarks as a mysterious island known only to pirates. Many sunken treasure like gold coins burried there. Monte Cristo, a tiny Italian Islands with mysteries is filled with saints, monks and pirates.

In Melaka we have a similar Mysterious islands. Maybe far more mysterious in terms of mystic and legends. That is Pulau Besar or The Great Island. Pulau is Island and Besar is Great, so it will be Great Island in English. Pulau Besar located about 3 kilometer from the main Jetty, Anjung Batu. There are no permanent resident at the islands, just daily tourist and workers from the one and only resort there the Chandek Kura. Journey by boat from Anjung Batu Jetty will take approximately 20minutes.

Pulau Besar Island
pulau besar

The Islands were recorded to have at least 23 legendary / mystery / mystic or holy spot. Some of the mystic spot are:

Sultanul Aarifeen Tomb,
-Sultanul Aarifeen believed to be a pious man came from Baghdad in early days Islam came to the Malay Archipelago.

Well at the island Feet
-A well use by the Japanese soldier duiring WW2 to behead the prisoners.

Skull Rock
-A rock similar like a shape of human skull, believed there is a treasure in the rock but none of the try to blow off the rock are successful.

Salt and Tasteless Shrine
-Some sort of small pond near to the beach. When the water is low (sea) water from the shrine will not be salty.

Genie Village
-Locals said there are about 146 genie village here. Of course you cannot see it with the naked eye.

A Ripping Stone
-Huge stone at the center of the islands, the stone is rip at the center, believed done buy a Warrior Name ‘The Black Tonge’ who rip the stone by his tongue.

-Snake Shrine
-A shrine made by a Priest that can turn into a big snake,person who is lucky will get a bag full of coal from the shrine and will turn to an unknown treasure but must open the bag when you off the islands and at home.

-Yunos Cave
Cave for person want to meditate and could get great ability or power. One must dive to enter the cave because its opening is beneath the water level.

-Madam Mussallimah the Witch Well
Musallimah was an old witch that can cured many disease.Old folk said the water from the well is very good for luck charm and health.

Jetty to the Island
from the jetty

In a fisherman boat to the Island
boat to pulau besar

Many others old shrines, well, tomb, old trees and pond that have their own legends and mysteries as told by the locals. A trip to the main jetty from Melaka Sentral took only 20minute. From Anjung Batu take a boat cost about RM12 for one trip. You can camp or just take the chalet. Not many modern facilities here, make sure to bring all your equipments if you plan to stay 2 or 3 days. Usually you can find people going to fishing, student doing motivational course or some tomb worshiper going to the Islands.

One of the many tomb there..

One of the good luck shrine
well for charm

Between Monte Cristo Island and Pulau Besar Island, the similarity maybe in terms of the mystic stories by the local folks. But for environmental and ecosystem care, Monte Cristo Islands got the best management from the Italian Government. Now only 1000 visitors are allow to access the Islands a year but with a stringent procedure from the Italian government.

For more picture about Pulau Besar the Fantasies Island, go to the reactivatezul fotopages.

— asmaliana

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