Joget Lambak, Where Everybody Can Dance

Joget Lambak is a traditional Melaka folk dance. In english, joget is dance and lambak is scattered. So joget lambak can be a scattered dance. There are no special tempo or movement in joget lambak only a basic dance move. The movement involve both hand and both leg synchronize. Like marching but with a rhythm. With joget lambak we can dance static or move forward and backward. Joget lambak was created during the Melaka Sultanate period when the Portuguese came to Melaka. At that time the locals usually see the Portuguese like to partying with their folk dance the Branyo and Farapeirra. Melakan have altered the Branyo and Farapeirra to be ‘Joget Lambak’.

Nowadays joget lambak usually played during wedding ceremony or officials state events. Although not many of Melakan practice this kind of dance during their wedding ceremony because of its kind of old fashion and people are more modern in thinking.

Enjoy the video perform by Briged Seni Group,Tourism Promotion Unit. You can see people scattered to dance.

— asmaliana

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