Dol Said, Non Myth Warrior’s Grave

dolsaid grave


Many old warrior grave in Melaka are based on myth.For example, the Legendary Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat grave, a 15th century legend in Melaka Sultanate Era. Old folklore said Hang Tuah iwas just vanished at Melaka River and Hang Jebat died without a trace or thrown out to the sea because he betray the king. So is there really a body inside it?

The Story is different here for Dato’ Dol Said. Dol Said live when British occupied Malaysia (Of Course no Malaysia back then) in early 19th century. Dol Said was a Chief of Naning Territory (A Territory beside Melaka and the community form their own Government) from 1802. In 1829 British Administration from Melaka ask Naning to pay crop tax amounting 1/10 from the total revenue. Dol Said refuse and in year 1831 Naning was attacked by British troop from Melaka. British was defeated by Dol Said with just a local army and no modern weapons and ammunition.

British was no satisfied with the defeat attacekd Naning once again in 1832 with larger Army size and Dol Said lost many mens. Dol Said surrender to the British in 1834. From that time, Naning is part of the British administration. Okay. enough of the history class. Dol Said died in 1849 and burried here at the tomb. The tomb represent a design for a special leader at that era and still preserved till now.

The Dol Said Tomb is located only 2 kilometer from Simpang Ampat highway exit to the right. There is a Taboh Naning Village Mosque beside the tomb.

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