October 21, 2020

Miss Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2008…Coming To Town

During the press conference at A’Famosa Resort
Miss Tourism

The Miss Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2008 was coming to Melaka. This Miss Tourism Queen International shall be Ambassador to represent and promote Malaysia at the International level. Thus, it is definitely the metaporphosis steo for all ladies in glamour and charm shall be accomplished.

Our finalist at Stadhuys Complex….
Miss Tourism2

The Miss Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2008 Contest also provides a good platform to market and promote tourism attractions, cities with tourism interests, tourism products and culture as well as Melaka. Why I said that? Because, Visit Historic Melaka Means Visit Malaysia!!! This event is endorsed by Tourism Malaysia and supported by Melaka State Government.

Mirror..mirror on the wall….who is the fairest of them all? Of course…ME..hehehe
Miss Tourism3

During the contest, all finalist will get to visit the beautiful places of Malaysia. It will definitely make a mark in women’s lifestyle, healthy living and fashion industry. All the sponsorship will definitely enjoy state and nationwide exposure which will give your product a very high profile and visibility.

Lets go cruising around Melaka in our famous colourful trishaw…
Miss Tourism4


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