February 27, 2021

Choosing A Shopping Cart – Ashop Commerce

In my blog, I has a tourist map to sell, view my post about 1001 Historical Melaka Map here.I am thinking a proper way to sell it by the Internet – Using an Onlineshopping cart. My search for an online shopping cart lead me to Ashop Commerce .

I found here that Ashop Commerce are one of the leading provider in hosted shopping cart software. The company is based in United States but it can accept customer worldwide. From the parent website you see Ashop commerce has been used by many famous international online merchant such as jeeplife.com,digitalframez.com,beetle branding and many more. When searching for a suitable shopping cart software, of course I must looked at the shopping cart main component that is :-

1) Storefront
2) Administration

The best thing about Ashop website is that they allows you to test drive two of the main component. You can use the demo for strorefront and you can play with the administration panel and it is live too. Login to the admin panel and you will see a graph stating your sales, summary of orders, traffic summary, quick links, and the e-commerce module to build up your storefront. If you have any question just push the live sales & support button. A chat window will pop-up and a they will assist you.

Admin Panel
ashop admin panel

We can easily make the important change from the main page such as changing the store theme, adding a product, add a customize page and promote your added product. The Ashop admin software will sure make you a pro within minute. From the module there are many more advance function like managing newsletter for customers, controlling your inventory, store setting, content manager, marketing tools and many type of statistic tools of your choice.

Ashop shopping cart software can accept more than 50 payment gateways as it said at the store setting tools. The shopping cart software from Ashop integrate with all major banks and payment gateway. Big names such as HSBC,Bank of America, WorldPay, 2CO and Barclays are on the list. Life as an Internetpreneuer will not be complete without PayPal. Well the good news is Ashop Commerce and PayPal work closely together and providing an integrated tools for PayPal owners within the shopping cart software.You can manage refund, doing transaction searches and generate PayPal reports internally.

Another useful features is SMS setting. You as a store manager will receive an alert from the e-commerce shopping cart direct to your mobile phone. The alert you can choose to get are New Order,Order Receive and Order Shipped. I am sure I need an extra sms alert because I am not always online or in front of the laptop.

Security is no compromise when using Ashop Commerce, the hosting is secure and providing you with free SSL Certificate. It has an automatic fraud detection too. Well you can get a peaceful sleep with this features on. On the marketing part, you don’t have to be a SEO genius or sitting more than 8 hours to promote your site at forums or blogs because Ashop Commerce shopping cart system is Search engine optimized to give you the best possible platform for the highest search engine rankings. Another peace of mind..

Generally this shopping cart software from Ashop Commerce is easy and fun to use, as I pick one quote from the Ashop Commerce site :-

“It’s so easy my 12 year old son built my store as a class project!”

All into one roof. You don’t even need to know what platform does this software made off ASP..PHP or whatever. Give the technical jargon to the Ashop Commerce technical team. You just seat and enjoy the ride. The storefront is not bad also. As I can see at the demo page shopping cart, the quality is standard you can get at any professional web store such as as yahoo store or Amazon. There are option for giving a discount and gift certificate to you customer too.

Shop Front Demo
shopstore front

If you are serious to have a web store and have no time to read even Idiot’s How to Make a Website, then drop in to Ashop Commerce site on you journey at the Information Superhighway. It is recommended!.


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