August 19, 2022

DMDI Seminar & Festival Budaya Melayu Dunia 2007 at Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia.

Briged Seni Melaka, during the DMDI Dinner at the Riau Gavernor House.

Last weekend on 8th – 12th Dec 2007, Melaka Tourism Promotion Division was representating the Melaka State Government to participate in the Festival Budaya Melayu Dunia 2007 at Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia. This event was organized by The Riau Governor Office. Besides that, we also a participant to The World of Malay & Islamic Seminar (Seminar Dunia Melayu Dunia Islam (DMDI)) that was took placed in Aryaduta Hotel, Pekan Baru. More than 200 participants attended this seminar and there were 5 workshops discussed. There were wide aspect of topics discussed such as tourism, youth, education, economics and Islam. As I was in a tourism sector, so I attend the workshop on tourism which was discussing the Islamic factor and Impact on tourism . Actually, the topic is very intrigued.

Me at the DMDI Tourism Exhibition.

On the promotional side, we also did a Melaka tourism exhibition during the seminar. Among the products displayed were Melaka museums, medical facilities from the Putra Specialist Hospital and also the Melaka Foods & Souvenirs. We also showing the Melaka Biotechnology products , Investment, ICT / Technology and others.

We dance in the rain. That was a great time because the Riau Governor and all Riau people gave us a big applause.

During the festival, our Melaka team (Briged Seni Melaka) need to perform the Malay Cultural Dance likes Dondang Sayang, Gambus Jodoh, Ketipang Payung, Jalak Lenteng and etc. We also participated in the Gasing Competition but sadly we don’t win the trophies. On the 1st day of the festival (9th Dec), during the launching, we have to perform the Melaka Cultural Showcase. Luckily, we were the first team in the parade and surely I know, we will get a great attention from the audience. For your information, the memorable experience that I will not forget during this festival is when we reached at the main stage, its rain like cats and dogs.:) Hehehehehe…can you imagine how we felt. But the show continued and our team have done their best. It was a great show. Alhamdulillah…. We received a big applause again and again. That was a great memory for us.

With my officemate at the “Festival Budaya Melayu Dunia 2007”.

The next day, we went to the Kompleks Bagan Serai (MPQ) and they also have an exhibition. So amazing….. interesting and from that we know a lot about Malay art and culture in Riau. They have a variety culture, craft, traditional costume and foods from their kabupaten (district). A wonderful experience for me. Actually, we have to perform another cultural show during the night but the event have to be reschedule again because of the heavy rain. The program was postponed to the next day. Near future, I will upload the video taken by my friends for all the viewers eye. I hope you will enjoy it. 🙂

Dinner at the Simpang Raya Restaurant, Special Nasi Padang.

Even we have a very tight schedule, the moment was enjoyable. We also spend a lot of shopping at Ramayana and Pasar Bawah. I bought a scarf, monica kuih lapis lengit, pineapple crips (which my mother love it) and keris (for my collection). Uhhhh…a big challenge to use the Indonesian money….millions2X Ruppiah. I’m a rich person. Hehehehe…..On the 12th Dec, we went back home to Melaka using the Pekanbaru – Melaka ferry. After 9 hours in the blue ocean, we arrived at the Melaka Jetty safe and sound. Alhamdulillah… After 5 days in Pekanbaru. A long and a great journey for us.

Melaka Cultural Group “Briged Seni Melaka”


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