August 16, 2022

Melaka International Regatta 2007

Melaka International Regatta 2007

From 8 to 13 of November 2007. An International Regatta will set here at the Klebang Beach Melaka. Klebang Beach is popular spot for locals to bring their family on weekend beach picnic and also a place for young couple at night. Although it is not an ideal place to swim, the strong wind and recreation facilities like kids playground, food stalls, seafood restaurant and horse riding make it an ideal place to relax with families. Only 15 minutes from town and 40 minute from Ayer Keroh Highway.

The International Regatta will be the main attraction in November. There will be Powerboat F3 race, Jet Ski Showdown with a group of International Team, Wakeboarding, a race with kayak, kite competition and wind surfing,maritime exhibition and many more. For the beach boys, beach sport will also take place such as Beach Soccer & Volleyball and fun carnival at the beach.

Well Klebang also a good spot for finding many exotic local delicacies such as Belacan and Cencalok, fresh from the sea. So come along this 8 to 13 November and experience this fun-tastic event!

Where is Klebang Beach:

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Batang Tiga

Crowd AT Melaka International Regatta 2007


Royal Guest, Tengku Mahkota Johor, Driving A Ferrari Himself

Ferrari TMJ

Datuk Seri Ali Rustam, Tengku Mahkota Johor at the Middle and Datuk Ideris


Launching of the Event!

regatta opening

Boat and Booth at Melaka International Regatta

Boat and Booth


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