Eye on Melaka

Eye on Melaka
The Melaka Pirate Park – Nice…..

New attraction in Melaka!! Eye on Melaka is coming to town. It was located in Melaka Pirate Park at the Old Express Bus Station near Jalan Kilang, Melaka. The view of river bank is very nice and you can see the newly develop Melaka River (Venice of The East in 5 years time) from the sky when you are on board this Eye on Melaka. Also known as Ferris Wheel. The whole new attraction is known as Melaka Pirate Park, we also have a Pirate Ship and a Tramboline Bungee.

This is the ideal opportunity for someone to get to grips with all the various aspects of Melaka if you are visiting. Even better, if you’re a local and spend your time playing free online bingo or just watching TV on weekends, you might just be tempted to come down to take a look. There are plenty of activities for all the family, and it should be a great evening out for everyone who comes along. Open daily, from 6pm – 11pm

The entrance Fee :
Single :
Adult : RM 5.00
Children : RM 3.00

Package :
Adult : RM 10.00
Children : RM 8.00

Ferris Wheel
The Ferris Wheel – Eye on Melaka

Have a try at this Melaka Pirate Park and you will enjoy it. :)

Pirate Ship View from the Ferris Wheel

Trampoline Bungee
trampoline bungee

Night View
eye on melaka night view

— asmaliana

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